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The staff of the Encyclopedia includes the following:

Guy Lancaster, Editor

Mike Keckhaver, Media Editor

Jasmine Jobe, Editorial Assistant

Mike Polston, Staff Historian

Ali Welky, Assistant Editor

Former Staff

Tom W. Dillard, Founding Editor
Nathania Sawyer, Senior Editor and Project Manager
Kay Bland, Education Coordinator
Anna Lancaster, Editorial Assistant
Tim Nutt, Special Projects Editor
Jill Curran, Project Manager
Steven Teske, Fact Checker
Shirley Schuette, Editorial Assistant


Graduate Assistants
2003–2004 Shirley Schuette
2005–2006 Teresa Lauderdale
2006–2007 Teresa Lauderdale
Fall 2004 Laura Hodo
Spring 2005 Lacy Allen
Lindsey Clark
Summer 2005 Guy Lancaster
Fall 2005 Julie Burrow
Jamie Metrailer
Spring 2006 Julie Burrow
Andrew Hackley
Summer 2006 Andrew Hackley
Amber Hood
Fall 2006 Michael Hodge
Spring 2007 Fallon Zschiegner-Bleich
Michael Hodge
Summer 2007 Josh Jenkins
Fall 2007 Aaron Rogers
Spring 2008 Bethany May
Fall 2008 Shelby Christine Watkins
Summer 2009 Catherine Henderson
Bernard Reed
Fall 2009 Kayla Kesterson
Summer 2010 Lauren White
Spring 2011 Laura Choate
Summer 2011 Rebecca Nighswonger
Fall 2011 Stephanie Darnell
Spring 2012 Jacob Worthan
Summer 2012 Ronna Pennington
Fall 2012 Sarah Riva
Spring 2013 Darby Burdine
Summer 2016 Zach Nicholson
Summer 2016 Kaye Lundgren
Summer 2018 David Collins

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