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La Harpe, Jean-Baptiste Bénard de
La Salle, René-Robert Cavelier, Sieur de
LaBeef, Sleepy
LaBeff, Thomas Paulsley, see: LaBeef, Sleepy
Labor Day Bombings of 1959
Labor Movement
Lacewell, Larry Wayne
Laconia Circle Levee
LaCrosse (Izard County)
LaCrosse Collegiate Institute
Lacy, Thomas J.
Ladd Jr., Alan Walbridge, see: Ladd, Alan
Ladd, Alan
Lady Baxter
Lafayette Building, see: Lafayette Hotel
Lafayette County
Lafayette County Courthouse
Lafayette Hotel
Lafe (Greene County)
Lafferty, John
LaGrange (Lee County)
Lake Catherine, see: Remmel Dam
Lake Catherine State Park
Lake Catherine State Park Prisoner of War Structures
Lake Charles State Park
Lake Chicot
Lake Chicot State Park
Lake Chicot, Engagement at , see: Old River Lake, Engagement at
Lake City (Craighead County)
Lake Conway
Lake Dardanelle State Park
Lake Dick
Lake Fort Smith State Park
Lake Frierson State Park
Lake Greeson, see: Narrows Dam
Lake Hamilton, see: Carpenter Dam
Lake Maumelle, see: Maumelle and Little Maumelle Rivers
Lake Nixon
Lake Ouachita, see: Blakely Mountain Dam
Lake Ouachita State Park
Lake Poinsett State Park
Lake View (Phillips County)
Lake View School District No. 25 v. Huckabee
Lake Village (Chicot County)
Lake Village Confederate Monument
Lake Village Post Office
Lake Village, Engagement at , see: Old River Lake, Engagement at
Lake Winona
Lake, Paul
Lakeport Plantation
Lakeview (Baxter County)
Laman v. McCord
Laman, William Fewell "Casey"
Lamar (Johnson County)
Lamar Porter Athletic Field
Lamartine (Columbia County)
Lamb, Theodore Lafayette
Lambert, Mary Martha
Lamb's Plantation, Skirmish at
Lampsilis powellii, see: Arkansas Fatmucket
Lampsilis streckeri, see: Speckled Pocketbook
Land Commissioner, Office of, see: Commissioner of State Lands, Office of
Landers, Steve
Landis, Reed Gresham
Landlord-Tenant Laws
Landmark (Pulaski County)
Laney, Benjamin Travis, Jr.
L'Anguille Ferry, Skirmish at
L'Anguille River
LaNier, Carlotta Walls
Large Standing Figure: Knife Edge [Sculpture]
Larkan, Bob, see: Fiddlin' Bob Larkan & His Music Makers
Larkin, Bob, see: Fiddlin' Bob Larkan & His Music Makers
Lassis Inn
Lauck, Chester Harris, see: Lauck, Chet
Lauck, Chet
Lavaca (Sebastian County)
Lavers, Cecil Norman, see: Lavers, Norman
Lavers, Norman
Lavey, John Thomas "Jack"
Lavy, Thomas Lewis
Lawhon, Jay Noal
Lawrence County
Lawrence County Courthouse
Lawrence, Marjorie Florence 
Lawrence, Tracy Lee
Lawrence, William M.
Lawrenceville, Skirmish at
Lawyers' Row Historic District
Lay, Henry Champlin
Leachville (Mississippi County)
Lead and Zinc Mining
Lead Hill (Boone County)
League of Women Voters of Arkansas
Leavy, Calvin James "Slim"
Ledbetter, Calvin Reville (Cal), Jr.
Ledbetter, Mary Brown "Brownie" Williams
Lee County
Lee County Courthouse
Lee Wilson & Company
Lee, Burwell
Lee, Clifton Phifer (Cliff)
Lee, Donald Luther, see: Madhubuti, Haki R.
Lee, Haeng Ung
Lee, Harvey, see: Goodwin, Harvey Wilson
Lee, Lorelei [Fictional Character]
Leflar, Robert Allen
Legacy Hotel, see: Hotel Frederica
Legend of Boggy Creek, The [Movie]
Legislative Council, see: Arkansas Legislative Council
LeMaster, Carolyn Gray
Lemke, Walter John
Lenox (Clark County)
Lenski, Lois
Leo N. Levi Hospital, see: Levi Hospital
Leola (Grant County)
Lepanto (Poinsett County)
Lepanto Terrapin Derby
Leslie (Searcy County)
Lester, Julius
Lester, Ketty
Letona (White County)
Letzig, Margaret Heller Himstedt
Levees and Drainage Districts
Levi Hospital
Levi Wilcoxon Demonstration Forest
Levy (Pulaski County)
Lewis, David Levering
Lewis, Henry Jackson
Lewis, Kristin Allison
Lewis, Mary Sybil Kidd
Lewis, Paul Tyrone
Lewis, Sanford (Lynching of)
Lewisburg, Skirmish at
Lewisville (Lafayette County)
Lexa (Phillips County)
LGBT Movement, see: Gay and Lesbian Movement
Liberator, The [Newspaper]
Libertarian Party of Arkansas, see: Arkansas Libertarian Party
Lick Creek Expedition
Lick Creek, Battle of, see: Helena, Skirmishes near (October 11, 1862)
Lick Creek, Skirmish at
Lieutenant Governor, Office of
LifeQuest of Arkansas
Lightfoot, Claude M.
Lightfoot, G. P. F. (Lynching of)
Lighton, Will
Lighton, William Rheem, see: Lighton, Will
Lile, James Buel
Lily Bard Series, see: Shakespeare [Book Series]
Limedale (Independence County)
Limestone Valley, Skirmish at
Linaker, Mary Katherine (Kay), see: Phillips, Kate
Lincoln (Washington County)
Lincoln Building
Lincoln County
Lincoln County Courthouse
Lincoln High School (Star City)
Lincoln, Blanche Lambert
Lindbergh Day
Lindbergh, Charles, First Night Flight of
Lindquist, Evan Leroy
Lindsey, Bruce Robert
Lindsey, Donnie Lee, Sr.
Lindsey, Elijah (Eli)
Linebarger, Clarence A.
Linton, Henri
Lion Oil Company
Lions World Services for the Blind, see: World Services for the Blind
Liston, Charles, see: Liston, Sonny
Liston, Sonny
Literature and Authors
Little Africa (Polk County)
Little Blossom, see: Dodd, Bonnie Modena
Little Flock (Benton County)
Little Italy (Pulaski and Perry Counties)
Little Miss Arkansas Pageant
Little Missouri River
Little Missouri River Bridge
Little Red River
Little Red River Raid, see: West Point, Engagement at
Little Red River, Skirmish at (June 6, 1864)
Little Red River, Skirmish at (May 17, 1862)
Little Red River, Skirmishes at (June 5 and 7, 1862)
Little River (Northeastern Arkansas)
Little River (Southwestern Arkansas)
Little River County
Little River County Courthouse
Little River County Race War of 1899
Little River Expedition, see: Helena Expedition (March 5–12, 1863)
Little River, Skirmish at
Little Rock (Pulaski County)
Little Rock [Geological Formation]
Little Rock Air Force Base
Little Rock and Fort Smith Railroad
Little Rock Arsenal
Little Rock Arsenal, Seizure of the
Little Rock Aviation Supply Depot
Little Rock Board of Censors, see: Little Rock Censor Board
Little Rock Campaign
Little Rock Catholic High School for Boys, see: Catholic High School for Boys (CHS)
Little Rock Censor Board
Little Rock Central High School National Historic Site
Little Rock City Hall
Little Rock College
Little Rock Confederate Memorial
Little Rock Convention of Colored Citizens (1865)
Little Rock Debates on Evolution (1966)
Little Rock Desegregation Crisis, see: Central High School, Desegregation of
Little Rock Fortifications (Civil War)
Little Rock Free Press
Little Rock Marathon
Little Rock National Airport, see: Bill and Hillary Clinton National Airport
Little Rock National Cemetery
Little Rock Nine
Little Rock NOW
Little Rock Picric Acid Plant
Little Rock Port Authority
Little Rock School Desegregation Cases (1982–2014)
Little Rock School District, et al v. Pulaski County Special School District et al., see: Little Rock School Desegregation Cases (1982–2014)
Little Rock Scripture Study (LRSS)
Little Rock to Cantonment Gibson Road
Little Rock Uprising of 1968
Little Rock Visitor Information Center, see: Curran Hall
Little Rock Zoo
Little Rock, Battle of , see: Bayou Fourche, Engagement at
Little Rock, Skirmish at (July 19, 1864), see: Benton Road, Skirmish at (July 19, 1864)
Little Rock, Skirmish at (September 2, 1864)
Little Sugar Creek, Action at, see: Sugar Creek, Action at
Little, John Sebastian
Littleton, Herbert
Living Sacrifice
Livingston, Abe (Lynching of)
Livingston, Frank (Lynching of)
Lloyd, Edgar Harold
Lockesburg (Sevier County)
Lockesburg Waterworks
Lockhart, James Leland
Lockwood, Robert, Jr.
Locust Grove (Independence County)
Logan County
Logan County Courthouse, Eastern District
Logan County Courthouse, Southern District
Logan County Draft War
Logan County Museum
Logoly State Park
London (Pope County)
Long III, Dallas Cutcher
Long, Isaac Jasper
Longview, Skirmish at
Lonoke (Lonoke County)
Lonoke Confederate Monument
Lonoke County
Lonoke County Courthouse
Lonoke County Lynching of 1910
Lonoke County Museum
Lonoke County Race War of 1897–1898
Lonsdale (Garland County)
Looney-French House, see: William Looney Tavern
Lorch, Grace Lonegran
Lorch, Lee
Lost Cause Myth of the Confederacy
Lost Forty Brewing
Lost Louisiana Mine
Lost Prairie (Miller County)
Lost Year
Louann (Ouachita County)
Loughborough, Louisa Watkins
Louisiana Purchase
Louisiana Purchase Historic State Park
Louisiana Purchase Survey
Louisiana Purchase through Early Statehood, 1803 through 1860
Lovely County
Lowe, Betty Ann
Lowell (Benton County)
Lower White River Museum State Park
Lowery, Henry (Lynching of)
Loy Kirksey House
Loyd, Robert
Lucania, Salvatore, see: Luciano, Charles "Lucky"
Lucas, George Washington
Lucas, John Gray
Lucey, John Michael
Luciano, Charles "Lucky"
Lucie's Place
Luckinbill, Laurence
Luckinbill, Laurence George, see: Luckinbill, Laurence
Luenell, see: Batson, Luenell
Lum and Abner [Radio Show and Movies]
Lunenburg (Izard County)
Lunenburg, Skirmish at
Lustron Houses
Luxora (Mississippi County)
Lyle, Lewis Elton (Lew)
Lynn (Lawrence County)
Lyon College
Lyon, Aaron Woodruff
Lyon, Matthew
Lyons, Eugene Aloysius (Gene)

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