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R. M. Ruthven Bridge, see: Cotter Bridge
Rabbit Foot Lodge
Race Riots
Racheau Center, see: George Klein Tourist Court Historic District
Racial Cleansing, see: Sundown Towns
Rackensack Folklore Society
Raggio (Lee County)
Ragon, Hiram Heartsill
Ragon, Imogene McConnell
Ralph Bunche Community (Saline County), see: Gravel Hill (Saline County)
Randolph County
Randolph County Courthouse
Randolph County Heritage Museum
Randolph, Meriwether Lewis
Randolph, Vance
Raney v. Board of Education
Raney, Wayne
Ranger Boats
Rapley's Sharpshooters, see: Twelfth Arkansas Infantry Battalion (CS)
Ratcliff (Logan County)
Rathke, Wade
Ravenden (Lawrence County)
Ravenden Springs (Randolph County)
Ravenden Springs School
Ray Winder Field
Ray, Victor Keith
Rayburn, Howell A. "Doc"
Rayburn, Otto Ernest
Raye, Collin
Razorbacks [Football Team]
Razorbacks [Hog]
Read, Lessie Stringfellow
Read, Opie Pope
Reader Railroad
Rebel Stakes
Recreation and Sports
Recreational and Retirement Communities
Rector (Clay County)
Rector, Elias
Rector, Henry Massie
Rector, James Alcorn "Indian"
Rector, Rickey Ray (Execution of)
Red River
Red River Campaign
Red Scare (1919–1920)
Red Springs (Clark County)
Redbug Field
Red-cockaded Woodpeckers
Redeemers (Post-Reconstruction)
Redell, Teddy, see: Riedel, Teddy DeLano
Redfield (Jefferson County)
Redneck Country [Movie], see: Great Lester Boggs, The [Movie]
Redstripe (Stone County), see: Pleasant Grove (Stone County)
Reed (Desha County)
Reed, Eddie
Reed, James Byron
Reed, Pearlie Sylvester
Reed, Roy
Reed's Bridge, Action at , see: Bayou Meto, Action at
Reed's Mountain, Skirmish at
Reeves, Bass
Reid, Charles Chester
Reid, Thomas Jefferson
Religious Freedom Restoration Act, see: Act 975 of 2015
Religious Society of Friends
Remmel Dam
Remmel, Harmon Liveright
Remmel, Pratt
Remount Camp, Skirmish at
Renfrow, William Cary
Reng, Carl Raymond
Republican Party
Reserve Officers' Training Corps (ROTC)
Resettlement Administration, see: Farm Resettlement Projects
Resolute [Steamboat]
Revenue Stabilization Act
Reyno (Randolph County)
Reynolds, Dan (Lynching of)
Reynolds, Daniel Harris
Reynolds, John Hugh
Rhodes, Emma Kelly
Rhoton, Lewis Nathan
Rialto Theater (El Dorado)
Ribbon Worms, see: Nemertea
Rice, see: Official State Grain
Rice Bowl
Rice Industry
Rice, Benjamin Franklin
Rice, Glen Anthony
Rice, J. Donald
Rice, Jenny Eakin Delony
Rice, Wilbur Steven (Bill)
Riceland Foods
Rice-Upshaw House
Rich Mountain Community College, see: University of Arkansas Rich Mountain
Rich, Charlie
Richard Allen Institute
Richards, Dusty
Richards, Jack Spage "Spadjo"
Richards, Ronald Lee, see: Richards, Dusty
Richardson, Nolan
Richland Creek, Skirmish at (August 16, 1864)
Richland Creek, Skirmish at (December 25, 1863), see: Carroll, Marion, and Searcy Counties, Scout to
Richland Creek, Skirmishes at (April 13–14, 1864)
Richland Creek, Skirmishes at (May 3 and 5, 1864)
Richland, Skirmish at
Richmond, James Theodore, see: Richmond, Ted
Richmond, Ted
Richwoods (Clark County)
Ricks, Earl Thornton
Ricks, G. W. and Moses (Lynching of)
Riddle, Almeda James
Riddle's Elephant and Wildlife Sanctuary
Rideout, Conrad Alfred
Ridge, Sarah Bird Northrup
Riedel, Teddy DeLano
Riggs, John Andrew
Right to Work Law
Riley, Billy Lee
Riley, Bob Cowley
Riley, Sallie Irene Robinson-Stanfield
Rimrock Records
Ringo, Daniel
Risley, Eleanor de la Vergne Doss
Risner, James Robinson
Rison (Cleveland County)
Rison et al. v. Farr
River Designations
River Valley Arts Center
Riverfest Arts and Music Festival
Rivers, Diana
Rivervale Inverted Siphons
Riviera Hotel, see: Marquette Hotel
Roads and Highways
Roaf, Andree Yvonne Layton
Roaf, William (Willie)
Roane, John Selden
Roane-Pike Duel, see: Pike-Roane Duel
Robbins, Bob
Roberts, Roy
Roberts, Terrence James
Robertson, Frank (Lynching of)
Robertson, Irene
Robertson, Thomas Arthur
Robinson Auditorium, see: Robinson Center Music Hall
Robinson Center Music Hall
Robinson, Brooks Calbert, Jr.
Robinson, Fatima
Robinson, Hester Buck
Robinson, James H.
Robinson, John Marshall
Robinson, Joseph Taylor
Robinson, Tommy Franklin
Rock and Roll Music
Rock Art, Native American
"Rock Island Line, The" [Song]
Rock 'n' Roll Highway 67
Rock Point (Independence County), see: Rocky Point (Independence County)
Rock Region Metropolitan Transit Authority
Rock Town Distillery
Rockefeller, Jeannette Edris
Rockefeller, Winthrop
Rockefeller, Winthrop Paul
Rockport (Hot Spring County)
Rockport Cemetery
Rocks and Minerals
Rocky Point (Independence County)
Rodeo of the Ozarks
Rodger's Crossing, Skirmish at
Rodgers, James Ronald, Sr.
Rodriguez, Dionicio
Roe (Monroe County)
Roe, Elwin Charles, see: Roe, "Preacher"
Roe, "Preacher"
Rogers (Benton County)
Rogers Academy
Rogers Historical Museum
Rogers, Anthony Astley Cooper
Rogers, Betty Blake
Rogers, John Henry
Rohwer (Desha County)
Rohwer Relocation Center
Roland (Pulaski County)
Roller Derby
Rolling Prairie, Skirmish at
Rolling Stones, Arrest of the
Roman Catholics
Rome (Clark County)
Rondo (Lee County)
Ronoake Baptist Church
Rooker, Oley Eldon
Roots, Logan Holt
Rosalie Goes Shopping [Movie]
Rosboro (Pike County)
Rose Bud (White County)
Rose Hill Cemetery
Rose Law Firm
Rose, Uriah Milton
Rosedale Plantation Barn
Rosenwald Schools
Rosenzweig, Irene
Roseville, Skirmishes at
Rosewater, Benjamin J. (B. J.)
Rosie (Independence County)
Ross' Landing, Skirmish at
Ross, Jane
Ross, Jimmy Douglas
Ross, Michael Avery (Mike)
Ross, Quatie
Rosston (Nevada County)
Rotary Club of Little Rock
Rothert Sr., Matthew Herman, see: Rothert, Matt, Sr.
Rothert, Matt, Sr.
Round Hill, Action at , see: Hill's Plantation, Action at
Roundtop Filling Station
Roundworms, see: Nematodes
Roussan, Adah Lee Pettey
Rowe, Lynwood Thomas, see: Rowe, "Schoolboy"
Rowe, "Schoolboy"
Rowland, Hardy Alton "Spider"
Rowland-Lenz House
Rowlands, John, see: Stanley, Henry Morton
Roy, Elsijane Trimble
Roy, Frederick Hampton, Sr.
Royal Circle of Friends, see: Supreme Royal Circle of Friends of the World
Royal Theatre
Rucker House
Rudd, Daniel
Ruddell (Independence County), see: Ruddell Hill (Independence County)
Ruddell Hill (Independence County)
Ruddells (Izard County)
Rudy (Crawford County)
Ruled by the Whip [Book]
Running and Walking
Runyan, Paul
Rural Electrification
Rush [Ghost-town] (Marion County)
Rush, Bobby
Rusher Hotel, see: Great Southern Hotel
Rushing (Stone County)
Russ, Carnell (Killing of)
Russ, Otis Stanley
Russell (White County)
Russell, Betty, see: McMath, Betty Dortch Russell
Russell, Betty Dortch, see: McMath, Betty Dortch Russell
Russell, Jerry Lewis
Russell, William Leon
Russellville (Pope County)
Rust, Albert
Rust, John Daniel
Rutherford (Independence County)
Rutherford, James
Rutherford, James Luin "Skip" III
Ryerse, Annie Adelia Anette, see: Schoppach, Annie

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