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Sacred Projects, see: Elna M. Smith Foundation
Saddle (Fulton County)
Sadie Praytor Home, see: Shoppach House
Saenger Theatre
Saffell (Lawrence County)
Sager Creek Vegetable Company, see: Allens, Inc.
Sager, Simon
Sain, John Franklin (Johnny)
Salado (Independence County)
Salassi, Otto
Salem (Fulton County)
Salem (Saline County)
Salem, Battle of , see: Spring River, Action at
Salem, Capture of Wagon Train at
Salesville (Baxter County)
Saline Bottom, Skirmish at
Saline County
Saline County Courthouse
Saline County Fair and Rodeo
Saline County History and Heritage Society
Saline County Library
Saline County Regional Airport
Saline Courier
Saline Crossing (Saline County)
Saline Crossings, see: Saline Crossing (Saline County)
Saline Memorial Hospital
Saline River
Salt Bowl
Salt Making
Saltpeter Mining
Salvation Army
Salvest, John Joseph
Sam Epstein House
Sammon, Winona
Samuel, Irene Gaston
Sand and Gravel Mining
Sanders, Ira Eugene
Sanders, Jim (Lynching of)
Sanders, Pharoah
Sanders, Theodore Marcus
Sandtown (Independence County)
Saracen, see: Sarasin
Sarah Bird Northrup Ridge House
Sarasen, see: Sarasin
Sarber, John Newton
Sardis (Saline County)
Sarrasin, see: Sarasin
Sartain, J. Peter
Sarver, Charles Robert (Bob)
Satterfield, John Vines (J. V.)
Saunders, Michael (Mike) Earl
Sawyer, Lewis Ernest
Sawyer, Sophia
Scatterville, Skirmish at
Schexnayder, Charlotte Tillar
Schmidt, Charles "Boss"
Schnable, John Adams
School Consolidation
Schoolcraft, Henry Rowe
Schoonover, Wear Kibler
Schoppach, Annie
Schultz, Jean Charlaine Harris, see: Harris, Charlaine
Science and Technology
Scott (Pulaski and Lonoke Counties)
Scott Cemetery
Scott County
Scott Plantation Settlement
Scott, Andrew Horatio
Scott, Christopher Columbus
Scott, Clyde Luther "Smackover"
Scott, Cynthia
Scott, Dortha Delena Shaw
Scott, George Washington
Scott, James Powell
Scott, Ralph Downing, Sr.
Scott-Selden Duel
Scranton (Logan County)
Scruggs, David (Lynching of)
Seals, Frank "Son"
Searcy (White County)
Searcy Confederate Monument
Searcy County
Searcy County Courthouse
Searcy County Draft War
Searcy County, Skirmish at
Searcy Expedition, see: Des Arc Bayou Expedition
Searcy Landing, Skirmish at, see: Whitney's Lane, Action at
Searcy, Affair at
Searcy, Fairview, and Augusta Expeditions
Searcy, Richard
Searcy, Skirmish near (August 13, 1864)
Searcy, Skirmish near (September 13, 1864)
Sebastian County
Sebastian County Courthouse
Sebastian County Union War of 1914
Sebastian, William King
Secession Convention
Second Arkansas Cavalry (CS)
Second Arkansas Cavalry (US)
Second Arkansas Infantry (African Descent) (US)
Second Arkansas Infantry (CS)
Second Arkansas Infantry (US)
Second Arkansas Infantry Battalion (CS)
Second Seminole War
Secretary of State, Office of
Securities Legislation
Sedgwick (Lawrence County)
Segraves, Warren Dennis
Segregation Academies, see: Private School Movement
Segregation and Desegregation
Seiz, Bill
Seiz, William Augustav, see: Seiz, Bill
Selden, Joseph
Selden-Scott Duel, see: Scott-Selden Duel
Sellers, Barney
Sentinel of Freedom [Painting]
Separate Coach Law of 1891
September 30, 1955 [Movie]
Sequoyah National Research Center
Sesquicentennial Celebration
Seventeenth Arkansas Infantry (CS)
Seventh Arkansas Infantry (CS)
Seventh-Day Adventists
Sevier County
Sevier County Lynching of 1881
Sevier, Ambrose Hundley
Shackelford, Lottie Lee Holt
Shadow of Chikara, The [Movie], see: Wishbone Cutter [Movie]
Shady Lake CCC Bridges
Shakespeare [Book Series]
Shallow Ford, Skirmish at (August 30, 1863)
Shallow Ford, Skirmish at (September 2, 1863)
Shannon Hills (Saline County)
Shannon, Henry Karr
Shannon, Peggy, see: Sammon, Winona
Shannon, Robert Fudge
Shape-Note Singing
Sharecropping and Tenant Farming
Sharkansas Women’s Prison Massacre [Movie]
Sharp County
Sharp, Ephraim
Sharp, Ephraim [of Fulton County]
Sharp, Willous Floyd
Shaver, Dorothy
Shaver, Richard Sharpe
Shaver, Robert Glenn
Shaw (Saline County)
She Couldn't Say No [Movie]
Shead, Henry Wallace, Sr.
Shed, Henry, see: Shead, Henry Wallace, Sr.
Sheffield, Ronald Lee
Sheid, Vada Webb
Shelby, J. O., see: Shelby, Joseph Orville
Shelby, Jo, see: Shelby, Joseph Orville
Shelby, Joseph O., see: Shelby, Joseph Orville
Shelby, Joseph Orville
Shell Creek, Battle of, see: Helena, Skirmishes near (October 11, 1862)
Shelter [Movie]
Shelton, Louie
Shelton-Lockeby House
Shepperson, Carrie Lena Fambro Still
Sheridan (Grant County)
Sherman, Harold Morrow
Sherman, Jerome Kalman
Sherrill (Jefferson County)
Sherrill, William LeVan
Sherwood (Pulaski County)
Shibley, Jesse Lee "Arkie"
Shiloh Church, see: Shiloh Meeting Hall
Shiloh Historic District
Shiloh Meeting Hall
Shiloh Museum of Ozark History
Shirek, Maudelle
Shirley (Van Buren County)
Shirley, Myra Maybelle, see: Starr, Belle
Shivery, George (Lynching of)
Shoffner, Martha
Shoppach House
Shorter College
Shrader, Gustave Joseph
Shreve, Henry Miller
Shryock, Gideon
Shumaker Naval Ammunition Depot (NAD), see: World War II Ordnance Plants
Sidney (Sharp County)
Sierra Club, see: Arkansas Chapter of the Sierra Club
Silitch, Mary Frances
Siloam Springs (Benton County)
Siloam Springs Museum
Silver Mining
Simmons First National Bank
Simmons, Ronald Gene
Simon, Charlie May
Simon, Howard Jacob
Simple Life, The [Television Series]
Sims Cemetery, see: Wilhite Cemetery
Sink-Crumb Post 72 American Legion Hut
Sisler, George Kenton
Sixth Arkansas Volunteer Infantry (African Descent), see: 113th United States Colored Infantry (US)
Sixth Arkansas Volunteer Infantry (CS)
Skipper v. Union Central Life Insurance Company
Skipper, William Franklin (Murder of), see: Skipper v. Union Central Life Insurance Company
Slater, Philip (Lynching of)
Slater, Rodney Earl
Slaughter, Tom
Slave Codes
Slave Narratives, see: WPA Slave Narratives
Slave Refugee Camps, see: Contraband Camps
Slave Resistance
Slemons, William Ferguson
Slime Molds
Sling Blade [Movie]
Sloan Site
Sloan-Hendrix Academy
Slovak (Prairie County)
Smackover (Union County)
Smackover Riot of 1922
Smith Jr., Shaffer Chimere, see: Ne-Yo
Smith, Alfred Edgar
Smith, Andrew Jackson
Smith, Anita Blackmon, see: Blackmon, Anita
Smith, Edmund Kirby
Smith, Effie Anderson
Smith, Eugene Wilson
Smith, Frances Octavia, see: Evans, Dale
Smith, George Rose
Smith, Gerald Lyman Kenneth
Smith, Harold Raymond (Hal)
Smith, Hay Watson
Smith, Lavenski Roy
Smith, Leroy (Lynching of)
Smith, Norman Eugene
Smith, Ocie Lee (O. C.), Jr.
Smith, P. Allen
Smith, Sarah Jane
Smith, V. V.
Smith, Volney Voltaire, see: Smith, V. V.
Smith, Willis S.
Smithee, James Newton
Smithee-Adams Duel
Smithville (Lawrence County)
Smithville Shootout, see: Kahl, Gordon (Shooting of)
Smithville, Skirmish at (April 13, 1864), see: Spring River near Smithville, Skirmish at
Smithville, Skirmish at (June 17, 1862)
Snag Boats
Snakehead, see: Northern Snakehead
Snapp (Woodruff County)
Snell, Richard Wayne
Snowball (Searcy County)
Snyder, Harold
Snyder, John Wesley
Snyder, Larry Lloyd
Snyder, Oliver P.
Snyder, Ralph Harold, see: Snyder, Harold
Snyder, Victor F.
So Sad about Gloria [Movie]
Social Hill (Hot Spring County)
Socialist Party
Society for the History of Medicine and Health Professions
Soil and Water Conservation Districts
Soil Conservation
Soldier's Story, A [Movie]
Somervell, Brehon Burke
Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV)
Sons of Ham, see: United Sons of Ham of America
Sorensen, John Hjaelmhof
Sorrells, John Harvey
Soulesbury College, see: Soulesbury Institute
Soulesbury Institute
South Arkansas Arboretum State Park
South Arkansas Community College (SouthArk)
South Arkansas Regional Airport (a.k.a. Goodwin Field)
South Arkansas Vine Ripe Pink Tomato, see: Official State Fruit and Vegetable
South Fork Nature Center
South Lead Hill (Boone County)
South Sebastian County Historical Society
Southall, James Henry
Southeast Arkansas College (SEARK)
Southeast Arkansas Research and Archives Center, see: Drew County Museum and Archives
Southerland, Jerome Kee (J. K.)
Southern Arkansas Race Riots of Late 1896
Southern Arkansas University (SAU)
Southern Arkansas University Tech (SAU Tech)
Southern Cavefish
Southern Club
Southern Cotton Oil Mill Strike
Southern Farmers' Alliance, see: National Farmers’ Alliance and Industrial Union of America
Southern Memorial Association of Washington County
Southern Missouri and Northern Arkansas Expedition
Southern Tenant Farmers Museum
Southern Tenant Farmers' Union
Southern Trust Building, see: Pyramid Place
Southland College
Southland Greyhound Park, see: Southland Park Gaming and Racing
Southland Park Gaming and Racing
Southside (Independence County)
Southside (Saline County), see: Gravel Hill (Saline County)
Southwest Arkansas Regional Archives (SARA)
Southwest Experimental Fast Oxide Reactor (SEFOR)
Southwest Stakes
Southwest Trail
Southwestern Proving Ground (SPG), see: World War II Ordnance Plants
Sovereign, James Richard
Spadra (Johnson County)
Spanish Explorers and Settlers
Spanish Land Grants
Spanish-American War
Sparkman (Dallas County)
Sparks Regional Medical Center
Speaker, Tristram E.
Spears, Robert, see: Robbins, Bob
Special Olympics Arkansas
Speckled Pocketbook
Spence, Helen
Spencer, George Lloyd
Spicer, William Leach
Spiny-Headed Worms, see: Acanthocephalans
Spirit of the American Doughboy Monuments
Spoonbill Catfish, see: Paddlefish
Sprague, Charles Leslie
Sprague, John Wilson
Spring River
Spring River near Smithville, Skirmish at
Spring River, Action at
Spring River, Skirmish at (April 13, 1864), see: Spring River near Smithville, Skirmish at
Spring River, Skirmish at (February 8, 1864), see: Morgan's Mill, Skirmish at
Springdale (Washington and Benton Counties)
Springdale College
Springdale Poultry Industry Historic District
Springer, Andrew (Lynching of)
Springfield (Conway County)
Springfield Bridge, see: Springfield–Des Arc Bridge
Springfield Cadron Bridge, see: Springfield–Des Arc Bridge
Springfield College, see: Springfield Male and Female Collegiate Institute
Springfield Male and Female Collegiate Institute
Springfield–Des Arc Bridge
Springs Hotel, see: Hill Wheatley Downtowner Motor Lodge
Springs, Bert (Lynching of), see: Island 37
Springtown (Benton County)
Spruce, Everett Franklin
Square Dance, see: Official State Dance
SS Alcoa Cruiser, see: USNS Private William H. Thomas (T-AP-185)
SS Ouachita Victory
St. Agnes Catholic Church
St. Andrew's Catholic Cathedral, see: Cathedral of St. Andrew
St. Andrew's College
St. Anthony's Hospital
St. Bernards Healthcare
St. Boniface Colony
St. Charles (Arkansas County)
St. Charles Battle Monument
St. Charles Lynching of 1904
St. Charles, Capture of
St. Charles, Engagement at
St. Edward Catholic Church
St. Elizabeth (Conway County)
St. Francis (Clay County)
St. Francis County
St. Francis County Museum
St. Francis National Scenic Byway
St. Francis River
St. Francis River Expedition, see: Helena Expedition (March 5–12, 1863)
St. Francis Road, Skirmish at
St. James (Stone County)
St. Joe (Searcy County)
St. Joe Historical Missouri and North Arkansas Depot and Museum
St. Johns' College
St. John's Seminary
St. Joseph Center, see: St. Joseph's Home
St. Joseph Colony
St. Joseph's Home
St. Joseph's Mercy Health Center, see: St. Vincent Hot Springs
St. Louis Southwestern Railway
St. Louis–San Francisco Railway
St. Mary’s AME Church (Pocahontas), see: Eddie Mae Herron Center & Museum
St. Mary's Catholic Church (Helena-West Helena)
St. Mary's Catholic Church (Paragould)
St. Mary's Church (Altus)
St. Paul (Madison County)
St. Scholastica Monastery
St. Vincent Hot Springs
St. Vincent Infirmary
Stackhouse, Houston
Stagecoach House, see: Ten Mile House
Staggs, Monica
Stallcup, Mary
Stamps (Lafayette County)
Standing Knife [Sculpture], see: Large Standing Figure: Knife Edge [Sculpture]
Stanford, Francis Gildart, see: Stanford, Frank
Stanford, Frank
Stanley, Henry Morton
Star City (Lincoln County)
Star City Commercial Historic District
Star City Confederate Memorial
Starnes Spring (Independence County)
Starr, Belle
Starr, Fred
Starr, John Robert
State Association of Missionary Baptist Churches of Arkansas
State Holidays and Commemorative Days, see: Official Days
State Legislature, see: Arkansas General Assembly
State Nickname, see: Official State Nicknames
State of Arkansas v. Artoria Smith
"State of Arkansaw, The" [song]
State Parks, see: Arkansas Department of Parks and Tourism (ADPT)
State Sovereignty Commission, see: Arkansas State Sovereignty Commission
State Treasurer, Office of
State v. Buzzard
State Woman's Suffragist Association, see: Arkansas Woman Suffrage Association (AWSA)
States' Rights Democratic Party
Stave Mills
Steamboats (Civil War)
Steamer Alamo, Attack on
Steamer Miller, Capture of
Steamer Perry, Attack on
Steamer Resolute, Attack on
Steamers Celeste and Commercial, Attack on, see: Searcy, Fairview, and Augusta Expeditions
Steele, Frederick
Steelman, John Roy
Steenburgen, Mary Nell
Steiner, Christian
Stella (Izard County)
Stephens (Ouachita County)
Stephens Inc.
Stephens, Lottie, see: Stephens, Charlotte Andrews (Lottie)
Stephens, Charlotte Andrews (Lottie)
Stephens, Jackson Thomas
Stephens, Kenneth Gene (Ken)
Stephens, Stephen Owen, see: Stephens, Steve
Stephens, Steve
Stephens, Wilton Robert, see: Stephens, Witt
Stephens, Witt
Stern, Howard Seymour
Stern, Jane Rita Ellenbogen
Stern's Medlar
Stevenson, William
Stewart, Charles (Lynching of)
Stewart, Trenton Lee
Stewart's Plantation, Skirmish at
Stickney, Phyllis Yvonne
Still, William Grant
Stinson, Katherine
Stobaugh, Robert Blair
Stockard, Sallie Walker
Stockley, Griffin Jasper
Stone County
Stone County Courthouse
Stone, Edward Durell
Stone, James Lamar
Stop This Outrageous Purge (STOP)
Stouffer, Marty
Stout, William C.
Strauss House
Strawberry (Lawrence County)
Strawberry Creek Expedition, see: Wild Haws Expedition
Strawberry Industry
Strawberry River
Street, James Howell
Streetcar Segregation Act of 1903
Strengthen the Arm of Liberty Monuments
Striped Bark Scorpions
Stroger, John Herman, Jr.
Strong (Union County)
Strong, Anna
Strong, Erastus Burton
Stroud's Store, Skirmish at, see: Carroll, Marion, and Searcy Counties, Scout to
Stuart, Mary Routh McEnery
Stuart, Ruth McEnery, see: Stuart, Mary Routh McEnery
Stubblefield, John
Stuck, Dorothy
Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC)
Students Taking a New Direction (STAND), see: Black Americans for Democracy (BAD)
Students United for Rights and Equality (SURE)
Stump Saw
Sturgis, Walter Roy
Stuttgart (Arkansas County)
Stuttgart Army Air Field
Stuttgart College, see: Stuttgart Training School
Stuttgart Lynching of 1916
Stuttgart Normal School, see: Stuttgart Training School
Stuttgart Soil Series, see: Official State Soil
Stuttgart Training School
Subiaco (Logan County)
Subiaco Abbey and Academy
Success (Clay County)
Sugar [Book], see: Sugar Lacey Series [Book Series]
Sugar Creek Vista and Buckeye Overlooks
Sugar Creek, Action at
Sugar Lacey Series [Book Series]
Sugar Loaf Prairie, Affair at
Sugg, Barney Alan
Sugimoto, Henry Yuzuru
Sullivan, Orean Lencola
Sullivan, Walter (Lynching of)
Sulphur Rock (Independence County)
Sulphur Rock Male and Female Academy
Sulphur Rock Street Car
Sulphur Springs (Benton County)
Sulphur Springs (Jefferson County)
Sulphur Springs (Yell County)
Sulphur Springs Cemetery
Sultana [Steamboat]
Summer of My German Soldier [Book and Movie]
Summer Shark Attack [Movie], see: Ozark Sharks [Movie]
Summerall, George Allen "Pat"
Summit (Marion County)
Sundown to Sunup Gospel Sing
Sundown Towns
Sunken Lands
Sunnyside Plantation
Sunset (Crittenden County)
Sunset Hotel
Superfund Sites
Supreme Court of Arkansas
Supreme Royal Circle of Friends of the World
Surratt, Alfred "Slick"
Sutton, Eddie
Sutton, Ozell
Swamp Land Act of 1850
Swann, Elija Caesar
Swedlun, Frederick Ernest
Swedlun, Glenn C.
Sweet Home (Pulaski County)
Swifton (Jackson County)
Swine Industry
Switzer, Barry
Sykes, Roosevelt "The Honeydripper"
Sylamore, Skirmish at (May 29, 1862), see: Kickapoo Bottom, Skirmish at
Sylamore, Skirmishes at (January 23 and 26, 1864)
Sylvan Hills Country Club Golf Course, see: Greens at North Hills

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