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Submit a Narrative for Little Rock (Pulaski County)

There is one purpose for Narratives in the Encyclopedia of Arkansas History & Culture. Narratives are personal stories that help enrich the reader’s understanding of a time period, person, place, or event. These are first-person views of history taken from personal recollections, memoirs, diaries, and oral histories.
  1. Length: Narratives are limited to 300 words.
  2. Permissions: Submission of a Narrative constitutes your granting permission for the Encyclopedia of Arkansas History & Culture Project to use the material on the Encyclopedia website and in any other venue it chooses.
  3. Criteria: The inclusion of a Narrative in the Encyclopedia is entirely at the discretion of the editors. To be selected for inclusion, a narrative needs to be a first person account or a story recounted from a diary, letter, memoir or oral history that directly relates to the subject of the entry and offer information the editors think add to the understanding and/or discussion of the topic.
  4. Liability: Authors of Narratives are responsible for the accuracy of the information. Narratives cannot contain libelous material (statements that are false and damaging to a person’s reputation) or contain copyrighted material. Narratives will be signed with your name and affiliation or town.
  5. Process: After your Narrative is submitted, it will be reviewed by our Staff Historian and, if selected for inclusion, lightly edited to adhere to the Encyclopedia’s Style Guide and/or to the 300-word limit.


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