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Just visiting your site. I spent some of my young years in Dardanelle. In the early 1950s, my dad was pastor of First Baptist Church and headed up an anti-liquor drive. I remember going to a park called "Twin Oaks" for festivals and ceremonies. And the bad storms, too! It was a pleasant time, though.
We moved to North Carolina in '53, where I have remained since. I have often thought I might come back to Dardanelle and hope to do so for a visit yet again. I'm almost seventy now. Probably no one would remember us. I was a bratty little preacher's kid of six years old back then!
The church back then looked like a castle with a single parapet. The fire hydrant where I used to ride my trike is still on the corner, and the store on the opposite corner is still there in some form. It caught fire and burned in '52(?) and was rebuilt. I still have a picture of me and Daddy, with his '39 Ford sticking out of the garage across the street when it was being serviced that day.

Jerry Oxendine
Gastonia, NC