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"In November, 1965, the Cherokee Village Development Company employed Ernie Deane as the director of information at Bella Vista." "Deane provided excellent leadership for the Company's public relations efforts," then "resigned to join the journalism staff at the University of Arkansas." (From Vision to Reality, A History Of Bella Vista Village, 1915-1993, Gilbert C. Fite, pp. 89-90)
A road was named after Deane (Deane Circle) to acknowledge his contributions to the community, as had been done previously with other company executives.

Glenn Smith
Bella Vista, AR

Ernie Deane's tribute to his railroad engineer father is on pages 1, 10-11 of the Arkansas Railroader April 1987 edition. See:

The Arkansas Railroader was a publication of the Arkansas Railroad Club. There is more Deane family history in the article written by Ernie Deane about his father. Ernie Deane was a member of the Arkansas Railroad Club. Ernest Deane was a Cotton Belt engineer who retired in Lewisville in 1937.

Edwin C. Cooper, Cotton Belt Rail Historical Society #114, Pine Bluff
Shelbyville, KY