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I was named after Griffin Stockley.

Griffin Squires
Alexander, AR

I was very interested in reading about Mr. Stockley. The first time I heard of him I picked up a book at my sister's house. The book was Blood in Their Eyes. I had heard of the Elaine Race Massacre growing up. I was born and raised in Elaine. I did not know how bad it was until I opened that book and read the pages—that was the first time I knew just how bad it was in my hometown. I was in tears, and I started to do some research myself. I have talked to other residents of the town. It is hard to believe, but people that grew up there do not know all that happened there in 1919. I would like to see more on the Elaine Massacre. I would like to see forgiveness and peace come to my home. I would also like to say thanks to Mr. Stockley for his efforts.


Joyce Willingham
White Hall, AR