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The first Domestic Partnership Registry in Arkansas, enacted on June 22, 2007, by the Eureka Springs City Council, passed after three unanimous readings. To give credit where credit is due, four individuals were primarily responsible for making the Eureka Springs Domestic Partnership Registry a legal reality. While I wrote the enabling ordinance, Jan and Kim Ridenour (both of Eureka Springs) and Mark Wetzel of Hot Springs contributed to the research and the lobbying of members of the Eureka Springs city council. Eureka Springs mayor Dani Joy had introduced the domestic partnership registry to the city council on our behalf. Legally married some years ago in Vermont, Jan and Kim Ridenour were the first couple to register for a Domestic Partnership certificate. To date, more than 132 homosexual and heterosexual couples from eleven states and thirty-four cities within Arkansas have registered their relationships with the City of Eureka Springs.
Michael Walsh
Eureka Springs, AR