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Are there no investors anywhere willing to invest in history? There are people out there with finances they have no idea on how to spend. Please give downtown Pine Bluff a chance. Please help revitalize Hotel Pines, downtown Pine Bluff.
How about a plan to make a large portion of downtown Main Street a historical district with cobble streets, trolley cars, etc. If major investors would help bring our downtown back to its former glory, would it be out of the question to possibly consider changing its (the city's) name from Pine Bluff to Harbor City, Arkansas, formerly known as Pine Bluff.? We would have major venues that the trolley could take visitors and residents to, which would lead from the courthouse through main street, back down through the Saracen Landing (which could have two or three restaurant chains, like Joe’s Crab Shack, for example?) that would be built out over the lake on piers. The trolley could wander on down past Regional Park where there would be other strings of shops, restaurants, hotels, and an event center. I’m just a dreamer, but there are some out there who are dreamers and financiers. I pray this reaches and touches someone's heart.

Reggie Cole
Pine Bluff, AR

I was allowed inside the Hotel Pines to shoot some photos a few years ago. My heart broke! I've always been drawn to it though it was closed long before my time. My grandmother worked there and told me it was a spectacular, glamorous place in its day. It's certainly not now. Most of the real marble is goneā€”but someone did a "faux-marble" paint job in there. The ornate concrete light fixtures and balcony are crumbling because of the leaking atrium. It also has obvious fire damage. Oddly, in the midst of all the debris and falling concrete rubble, there's a beautiful wooden mail/message center at the front desk that looks like it's waiting for the desk clerk to show up! Even though it's been horribly ravaged by time, the elements, and, of course, vandals, it's still obviously a work of art! My biggest concern is that it, like so many other Main Street landmarks, will become a casualty of so-called "progress.". If anyone has any old photos they're willing to share or if anyone wants to see the recent pictures, please let me know! (Editor’s note: Send any inquiries/photos to Ali Welky at, who can then contact this commenter.)

, MI