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This was in material given to the Paw Paw, Illinois, library. It is on cardboard, with a full-length photo of McLeod on the front and on the back is a photo of a couple on burros.  

“McLeod of Happy Hollow”

I’ve seen the mountains of the West,

The rivers of the East;

I’ve seen the valleys of the North,

The sights were like a feast;

But when it comes to nature's best,

Well, I could fairly wallow

In the gladsome atmosphere

The brightens Happy Hollow.


Would you be bathed in the seas of bliss,

Your heart be filled with joy,

And life be like one long, long kiss,

Take his advice my boy:

Just walk up Central avenue,

That long procession follow,

And you will reach that land of joy,

That lies in Happy Hollow.


Talk about your poeting,

It fills your heart with song;

Talk about your music

Its [sic] in your soul the whole day long

It makes one dream of ancient Gods

Just think how young Appollo [sic]

Would have enjoyed the wondrous treats

That lie in Happy Hollow.


Alice Zeman
Paw Paw, IL