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I’m doing some writing about the founding members of First Lutheran Church, Little Rock, and I have verified that the same Frederick Kramer described in the EOA entry is one of those founders. (Yes, the same one who was a Mason and who was a founder of B'nai Israel.)
On December 13, 1868, Frederick Kramer was one of twenty-four people who met in the house of Charles Miller to begin a Lutheran congregation in Little Rock. The next spring Kramer's father-in-law, John Martin Reichardt, was elected chairman of the congregation, and Kramer's business partner, Charles Petzel, was elected secretary. The first services of the congregation (First Lutheran Church) were held on the third floor of the Kramer and Miller Grocery Store and Bakery. Elbert Kramer, son of Frederick and Adelina Kramer, was the first child baptized in the new Lutheran congregation: he was born April 29, 1869, was baptized July 29, 1869, died March 8, 1870, and is buried at Mount Holly Cemetery.
I wonder if any other person anywhere in the country helped to found a city’s first synagogue and that same city’s first Lutheran church in under three years.
Steven Teske
North Little Rock, AR