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Between 2003 and 2005, the fate of historical Arkansas records housed at the Powhatan Courthouse Museum in a vault available to researchers was discussed at length. These records are largely un-transcribed and un-microfilmed.

Those records in Powhatan’s vault and then under the auspices of the Lawrence County Historical Society were taken over by Arkansas State Parks/Arkansas Historical Commission and were to be placed in an abandoned church near Powhatan until genealogists intervened, aghast at the idea of storing them in an old, unused church. So they were placed in storage in Jonesboro at ASU where they are virtually unavailable to any researcher, unless we can corner someone in the Lawrence County Historical Society to arrange special access.

We genealogists were promised in 2005 a new facility—the Northeast Arkansas Regional Archives Museum & Vault—to be opened spring 2008. Today after calling Powhatan State Historic Park, I learn the archives have not even been funded. I can’t begin to tell you how I am saddened.

Audrey Stanaland
Loudon, TN