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I was ten years old in the early spring of 1960 (within a year of my father's death), and my aunt--a Van Buren, Arkansas, gal--gave me a fond memory of meeting Senator McClellan at his Capitol office in D.C. during the run up to Mr. Kennedy's election to the presidency. I remember that he was quite proud of a collection of gavels that he had either used or were presented to him as gifts (mementos/awards). Further, he had us seated in the gallery by one of his staffers, and it was there that I waved to Mr. Kennedy (quickly pointed out by my aunt as not allowed). I was and still am awed by all that takes place on the floor of the United States Senate.
James Osborne
Belton, MO

This was my great-uncle, a man that I truly admire in so many ways. I was eight months old when he passed away. I would love to meet and speak with anyone who had the pleasure of knowing him.
Laura J. Javens-McConnell
Saint Marys, GA