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I believe Jacob Wolf is an ancestor of mine. I would like to visit the house. My grandmother lived in Texas, but her mother was born in Arkansas. I believe, because of some research that I have done, that Jacob was her grandfather.
Mary White Surface
Tulsa, OK

My mother's mother and father, last name Luster, were married at the Wolf House.

Shawna Tyler
Decatur, MI

I distinctly remember Gerald L. K. Smith restoring the Wolf House in the 1960s and having a public dedication of the house. My memory holds that Mr. Smith leased the Wolf house from the City of Norfork in Baxter County and restored it; the City later wanted it back. It was quite a restoration project, as the house had fallen into disrepair, and Mr. Smith put new shingles on the roof and did other structural improvements. 

The reason I remember so well is that he asked my grandfather, former congressman Claude Albert Fuller, to make the dedicatory address. I drove Mr. Fuller over there that day, saw the Wolf House for the first time, and enjoyed the festivities. I also enjoyed my grandfather’s speaking, as he was quite an orator. Mr. Fuller passed away in January 1968, so it was before that time. [Editor’s note: The dedication took place on May 8, 1966.]

John Fuller Cross
Eureka Springs, AR