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I learned to love the Atkins pickle when I came to visit my sister in Clarksville. I always purchased from three to six gallons to bring home. I did not want to run out before my next trip to Arkansas. When the Atkins plant closed, I mourned the passing of a wonderful dill pickle. I have not had a good dill pickle since that plant closing. The only kind of dill pickle in Springfield is a kosher pickle, and I can't stand a kosher pickle.

Mrs. Mary Hunt
Springfield, MO

I was born in Caraway; Grand-dad's place was in Black Oak across from the A.W. Root Beer. Been eatin' Atkins pickles since 1954. We moved to the Ozarks, and PaPa would drive to Atkins and buy a case of Dills, Hot Dills, and Sweets three times a year just for the family.

Hank Lowrey
Cedar Key, FL

I worked here for my first job ever. It was a summer job. The first summer, I was netting pickles primarily. I did the five-gallon room my first day and was overwhelmed. I was shocked, then with my first paycheck, I was pleased. Summer two: coordinator Susie Sills was working. They had me topping one day, and she asked me if I liked it. So that was what I did that summer. The memories are not forgotten. Pickle Pride!!
Derrick Hodges
Atkins, AR

I lived in Arkansas for forty years and always purchased Atkins Polish Pickles. In Iowa I have not found any pickles as good as Atkins Polish Pickles. Do you know where I can find pickles as good as these? Is there a company that makes pickles with the same recipes as Atkins?
June Cunhs
Jefferson, IA

I'm 42 now but when I was a kid, my dad would take me to Russellville every summer for a family reunion and we would stock up on Atkins sour pickles and Poliski Wyrobi (I think that's right). Anyway, I cannot find a good sour pickle in Conroe, Texas. And now I find out that the pickle company is no more. What a bummer. Does anyone know where I can get some Atkins pickles?

Scott Cunningham
Conroe, TX