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After reading about the hospital in this entry, I felt compelled to write about my experiences as a patient in this hospital. I had polio in September, 1951. After leaving the acute-care hospital in Little Rock, I was a patient at the children's hospital for about six weeks. My stay at this hospital was extremely negative. I received substandard care and also was subject to actual abuse. Parents were allowed to visit only on Sundays. For example, during the week, the nursing staff never combed my hair and seldom bathed me or any of the kids. Before my parents would come on Sunday, the nurses would use alcohol to try to detangle my long hair. Also, when I did not feel that I could eat, they held my nose and forced me to open my mouth to take food. Another child who cried often was locked in the bathroom for hours at a time. I could go on with many examples, but this should make my point.
E. Jane Burkhead, Ph.D.
Havana, FL