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I have a family story that I had Indian relatives living in northern Mississippi. They were mostly white, but people knew they had Indian (I think Cherokee) blood, so they were ordered to leave with one of the last groups that left on the Trail of Tears. The story goes that the woman, later known as "Little Grandmother," kept a little cup tied around her neck. When they got to the Wattensaw River she took a drink of the water and thought it had healthful powers. They made a plan to escape in this area. They traveled by night and hid the children under baskets during the day. I think they made their way to the Des Arc, Arkansas, area. They say when "Little Grandmother" was close to death she told her son if she had one more drink of that good Wattensaw water she believed she could live another year. The only names I know might be connected to this story are from my Guess, Eiland, or Perry family lines.
Pam Smith
Carlisle , AR