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There is a new film on Julius Rosenwald:
The film is excellent and was shown as fundraiser here in Beaumont.

Marilyn Manson Hayes
Beaumont, TX

A note of appreciation to the officials of the current association with the educational affairs of the late Julius Rosenwald, as well as the Rosenwald Fund. This was a much-needed source of finances at a time when funding was scarce. So, hats off to this northern sympathizer, for he had the means and the methods—and he kept African Americans in the Delta in mind.
I’m happy to share that our school system was one of the 389 black schools provided (Immanuel School Systems, 1895, Almyra, Arkansas County ) so that the black children in the southeastern part of Arkansas County (split sessions ) could acquire an education. Hats off to Sears & Roebuck as well.
Our buildings still stand; we would not demolish them for the world. They were perhaps built by a freed slave. Our neighborhood is still intact. Therefore, there is a place for the buildings to stand. Former graduates come from far and wide just to feast their eyes on these buildings. Maybe one day, we (class of 1965) will refurbish these facilities. They were given to us and the least we can do is revive them.

Ms. E. M. Garrison
Pine Bluff, AR

I live in Dermott, Arkansas, where a Rosenwald school called the Morris Booker School is located. This landmark dates back from generations to generations. We would like to preserve this landmark in honor of our town, our great-grandparents, and the African-Americans who work so hard to educate their children.
Gwendolyn Stephenson
Dermott, AR