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This is truly the best article that I have read about Dyess, Arkansas. My grandparents are one of the original families of Dyess. This article is as close to the stories that have been passed down in my family as I've seen. Thank you for the work that you have done. I am the daughter of J. E. Huff.
Judy Smith
Fort Gratiot, MI

I was born in Dyess in 1953, one of the last babies born before the hospital closed due to the illness of the doctor, Dr. Jack Hollingsworth, who was never replaced. My parents both moved to Dyess as children in 1935, both living on Road 3 and 3D, near the Cashes. This is the best summary I have ever seen written on Dyess and the most accurate.
Annette Cox Pettit
Cotter, AR

I was a classmate of J. R. Cash and now am one of the committee members involved in creating a Dyess/Johnny Cash Memorial. We have purchased the administration building and are in the process of reconstructing it to its original design to house the memorial. We periodically have concerts to raise money for the effort.
A. J. Henson
Bartlett, TN