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I just read The Barefoot Brigade--one of the best, maybe the best, Civil War novel of all time. Hope everyone can get a copy and see what a tremendous writer Mr. Jones was. 

Sterling R. Johnson
Palm Springs, CA

I have read six of Douglas C. Jones's books, and I believe him to have been one of the very best writers of Westerns and Civil War fiction that I have ever had the privilege of enjoying. In my opinion, he ranks higher than Louis L'Amour and is on a par with Larry McMurtry, Ernest Hemingway, and John Steinbeck, all of whom are among my favorite writers. Before this website was created, I had begun to miss Douglas's work and would go to the bookstore every other month to find out when his next novel was coming out.  I found his address in one of his dust covers and wrote to him. His son wrote back to tell me that his father had passed away and how much he would have appreciated my kind comments. I have always thought that was above and beyond what he could have done, and if he reads this, I want him to know I appreciate his kind gesture.
Dennis Peacock
Pekin, IL