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Last night, October 9, 2014, I attended the Wildwood concert by James Cotton and his band of five others. He says he is from West Helena and how good it was to be in his home state.
Blues harmonica. Solo on Sun Records in 1953. Jimmy Cotton Blues Quartet. Recorded with Muddy Waters. James Cotton Blues Band--Grammy nominee in 1984. Grammy in 1996 for Best Traditional Blues. Buddah Records. Alligator Records. 2014: nominated for a Blues Music Award in the "Best Instrumentalist--Harmonica" category.
He must weigh over 300 pounds, is a throat cancer survivor, and is older than I am. He won't last much longer--sadly. Great concert!

Jim Conner
Cammack Village, AR

Here’s a bit of trivia. B. B. King mentions in his song “Lucille” a bar brawl in Twist (Cross County) as the reason his guitar is named Lucille. The night he was playing in Twist, the two men fighting started a kerosene fire that destroyed the club. He found out later that the men had been fighting about a woman named Lucille who worked in the club, and he named his famous guitar (which he had gone into the fire to retrieve) after her.

James Little
Sherwood, AR