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I surely hope the Little Rock Nine Commemoration Committee spoke of Roosevelt Thompson, inasmuch as the 60th anniversary commemorations of the Little Rock Nine were held in the auditorium named in his behalf! Also, I hope the continuation of the racist griding of Little Rock stops in 2017! I have that dream. It is about corporations and inequality toward people of color, BUT, it is so very unnecessary.

Bonita H. Simmons
Marianna, AR

During our lifetime, people come in and out of our lives. We are lucky to be graced with those relationships and friends.  Roosevelt Thompson is one of those people who made such an impact on us that they are never far from our thoughts to this day.  
We always knew, without saying, that Roosevelt would stand and deliver such a difference in our world. He was just destined for greatness. The tragedy of losing such a gifted and honest person left a true void in the world. Those of us who attended Little Rock Central with Roosevelt will always be fortunate to say that we knew and loved him as one of our very own family members. 
He indeed touched the lives of many, and we still feel the loss.

Susan Brighton-Voiles
McRae, AR