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Thank you for recognizing my great-great-grandfather, Dr. Charles McDermott (1808-1884) of Dermott, Chicot County, Arkansas. A chapter has been devoted to Dr. McDermott in Steven Teske's book, Unvarnished Arkansas: The Naked Truth about Nine Famous Arkansans and in Tom Dillard's book, Statesmen, Scoundrels and Eccentrics, A Galaxy of Amazing Arkansans
Although he practiced medicine, his greatest passion was invention and especially the possibilities of human flight. His 1872 airplane patent (Improvement In Apparatus For Navigating The Air) is believed to be the first airplane patent granted by the U.S. Patent Office.
British engineer Edward Butler constructed the first gasoline internal combustion engine in 1884. The irony is that "Flying Charlie" died in 1884 never knowing about this invention. With the gasoline internal combustion engine at his disposal, I am sure that "Flying Charlie" would have been the first to take flight right there in the fields of Chicot County.

Marshall M. Snyder
Nashville, TN