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I was born in Logan County in 1929. I lived in close proximity to Paris. The story of John Arthur was one told a lot by the folks living in that area. But the story goes on to say that his father confessed to the murder on his death bed.
Earl Fulmer
, AR

Thanks for a well-documented story about my great-uncle, John Arthur Tillman (Arthur). David Paul and I were attending UALR when he became interested in my ramblings about Arthur and the hanging. One day the phone rang, and it was David saying, “Buy the latest issue of the Arkansas Times—I think you’ll be surprised.”

I have an interesting story to add: I ran across a woman named Kip Grimes, an art teacher who lives and works in Delaware, AR. Ms. Grimes contacted me because it was her grandmother, Mrs. Edna Moore, who was Arthur’s real love interest. Ms. Grimes tells me that her grandmother went to see Arthur when he was incarcerated in the Logan County jail before his ultimate hanging. Although this story is tragic enough already, it seems even more sad that Arthur and Edna cared about each other, but could never be together it seems. Edna’s father, Dr. Moore, didn’t seem to care much for Arthur; consequently, Ms. Grimes tells me that her grandmother was punished severely for traveling to Paris to see Arthur.

In the final analysis, the whole story has never been told. A number of Delaware folks had something to gain from Arthur’s conviction and subsequent hanging (whether it was Arthur’s “friends,” relatives, or others in the community). There are far too many loose ends left to be tied up, but sadly, those who know more are no longer with us. 

Ken Tillman
North Little Rock, AR