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I saw Bittick’s paintings on exhibit at Old Washington in the early 1980s and just fell in love with the bold colors and fresh look of her work. I subsequently located her and visited with her in her home. She did a painting for me of White’s Chapel Church near Bodcaw, AR, from an old photo. The church has burned and been replaced, but the photo is circa 1920. I wouldn’t take anything for it. I also purchased a picture of a red house that she said she didn’t much care for but has been proudly displayed in my home since that time. She gave me a smaller picture of an unidentified church at the end of a lane almost obscured by trees displaying fall foliage. I am pleased to find out a little more about her and would love to go and see the display of her work at the Methodist church. She was a real talent.

Carolyn Conley
Texarkana, AR