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The 1850 census has a freed black family (a shoemaker) living next to white doctors and lawyers. The source is entry 611 from Tulip's 1850 census. There are likely more freedmen and women. The area was very progressive and the slaves were uncommonly educated. 

Raymond Williams
Roland, AR

Churches in Tulip:

The Masonic Lodge was built before 1840, and it housed the Baptists and the Presbyterians until the Presbyterians built a church in 1851. That still housed both congregations until the Baptists built a church in 1957.

The United Methodist church was built in 1844; it was torn down in 1924 and rebuilt.

Tulip’s Presbyterian church was built in 1851; it blew down and was rebuilt in 1959.

Toones Chapel, an African Methodist Episcopal church, was built in 1914. 

Jerry D. Dykes
Leola, AR