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Is there any reason why land that was taken by the government for the Shumaker ordinance plant in Camden was not offered back to original owners when it was of no further use to the government? I was told by my mother that when the papers were signed for forfeiture, they were told by the people representing the government that it would be offered back to original owners at the same price the government paid them. She is the last living person in my family that signed the forfeiture papers in 1945. No offer to repurchase was ever made.
Gary New
El Dorado, AR

My mother is 86 years old, and she told me this evening that when she was 18 years old, she worked at the plant at Jacksonville, Arkansas: Ford Bacon and Davis plant. It must have been around 1944 because she said she was barely 18 (D.O.B. is 9/5/1926). Mother said she was paid 60 cents an hour to work on a very fast machine that pressed the cap on after the powder was put in. I am so proud that my mother was at a time and place in her life that she could work and help our country. Her name is Vearl Emmagene (Riggan) Myers. God Bless America and my mother!!! [Addition: Vearl Emmagene (Riggan) Myers passed away on June 8, 2013. Thank you for allowing me to place her memory in your article. She enjoyed reading it and was very proud.--Vicky Orr, August 2013]

Vicky Orr
Malvern, AR