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Doctor McNeil was a great friend to all those interested in the folklore of the Ozarks. He helped me many times with lyrics and Ozark ideas. I'll be forever grateful to him. RIP, my friend. You left us way too soon.
Arkansas Red-Ozark Troubadour
, AR

I corresponded with Bill for probably ten years, and we exchanged records, tapes, books, and CDs. His magazine Old Time Country did a lot for Australian country music, as he published articles on Australian country music and encouraged me to write articles. I was always grateful for his encouragement, and for the genuine interest he had in the Australian Bush Ballad. He was very helpful to me in giving his folklorist's opinion of the bush ballad. Knowing I was a fan of Grandpa Jones, he sent me an autographed picture signed by Grandpa and Ramona when they were living in Mountain View. I was saddened by his death, which came as a surprise to me. He made a big impact on me. He was an expert on old-time country music.
Andrew Smith
Tasmania. Australia, 

I corresponded with Bill, swapped music with him, and wrote some articles for Old Time Country. He was very encouraging and highly knowledgeable, although I suspect he would have liked more money to buy albums. He said he was working on a book about Elton Britt. I was very sad to learn that he had died. I'm glad you have noted his life here.
Andrew Smith
Hobart Tasmania Australia,