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I hope I can be a good football player like that, but I don't think many would want me because I'm a girl. I'm a good player. I was a quarterback for some games in Lincoln. I am fourteen years old and go to high school. I love football.
Cassie Hill
Lincoln, AR

I was named after Mr. Alworth. My dad said Mr. Alworth was a great player, so my dad named me Bambi. Thank you, Mr. Alworth, for a great name.
Bambi Wallace
Moss Point, MS

I am currently doing an article on Lance Alworth's football history. During the course of his eleven years in pro football, he was awarded two rings: an AFL ring and an NFL ring. I am wondering what became of the NFL ring, as I can find no information on it. I know the AFL ring was auctioned off. Alworth went through a bad patch in his life and declared bankruptcy. I wonder if this had anything to do with the disappearance of this ring.

Hilton Whittaker
Palm Springs, CA

After Betty Allen and Lance Alworth divorced in 1969, Betty married Jim Guy Tucker in 1975. She became first lady of Arkansas in 1992 when Tucker became governor.
Scott Carter
Little Rock, AR