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One place to curb overcrowding would be examining records for disciplinary actions for inmates and release those who maintain model prisoner status. Most model prisoners are a product of a spouse or other partner’s crime, i.e., living or partnered with an individual engaged in criminal activity. My sister was incarcerated for ten years because of her husband's crimes. She turned down probation--pleading guilty when not guilty was unthinkable. Her husband died before trial, and the court tried her as though she were him. Her appointed attorney encouraged trial, saying, “by law, they cannot convict," but the attorney enabled conviction by intentionally making a directed verdict motion to enable her to challenge sufficiency of evidence.

I have witnessed a judicial system cloaked with corruption, and I believe it may be a prerequisite for employment nowadays. The good-ole-boys network is defined by owing favors and trading people like chips or pawns. Imagine if you were the next favor owed.

Delta Erwin
Perry, IA