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My husband is Jerry Manley, and he remembers Mrs. Lenski from when he was a small boy, about six years old (born in 1941). He was going to school at Yarbro at that time, and he remembers Mrs. Lenski spent some time at his parents' home, spending the night, but he doesn't remember how long she stayed.
His parents are John and Edna Manley, now deceased.

Patricia Manley
Malden, MO

According to my family stories (told, not written down), Lois was a friend of my great aunt Eula, who was a librarian in Osceola, Arkansas, and Lois lived with my great aunt in Osceola while she wrote Cotton in My Sack. Through the years, a number of Lenski’s other books, all signed, have been handed down to me, and I hope to locate a copy of Cotton in My Sack to add to the collection.

My mother wrote the following in a series of stories about the family: “Eula was given a good position as librarian for 12 counties. It was there that she became friends with Lois Lenski who signed several of her books and sent them to me. One summer she lived with Eula while she was writing Cotton in My Sack. I have never been able to find the book.”

Carol Clay
Sapphire, NC