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During the 1970s and 1980s as a lonely child of the South and an aspiring writer, I discovered Robbie Branscum. I loved and devoured each book of hers I was able to access. As I grew older, I marveled at the truth and wonder in these works. Ms. Branscum is underrated. To my mind, her work is as great as Caroline Miller's Lamb in His Bosom. Anyone who has the privilege to encounter her works is given the sweet, simple secrets of  years gone by and entertainment on a pure scale. May other readers and younger generations discover this wonderful woman whom I wish I had personally known.

Claire Copeland
Middlesboro, KY

I grew up in the small town of Big Flat and truly relate to Robbie's writings. I read her books as a young adult and now at fifty-seven years old am collecting her books. My eight-year-old grandson, Hunter, just read The Murder of Hound Dog Bates and loved it. He will not give the book back so he may become a collector also someday. I regret I was not able to sit down with Robbie and share a cup of strong coffee and a conversation or two.
Carol Treat Kendall
Mabelvale, AR