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It is interesting to note that when the University of Arkansas Razorbacks football team tried to find a razorback mascot, they had to go to the swamps of Louisiana to find Tusker. The Little Rock Zoo never had a real razorback tusker, even though the Finkbinder brothers gave the zoo several young shoats from time to time which were supposed to grow up to be tuskers.
Bylander family
Little Rock, AR

I have a Cardinals pennant, in fact the only one known to be in existence. KTHV did a segment on it in September 2008 and an article on the Fayetteville Flyer website was online on 10/13/09:

I only knew the story about the pennant from my dad, as I didn’t know my grandfather. I have also seen that it could be as old as from 1894 but could only go on what I was told.

Michael Bradford
Searcy, AR