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Wonder if you know any of the history of this gentleman, J. D. "Johnny" Howe? He flew the first passenger flight for Delta Air Service, Inc. (Delta Air Lines) on June 17, 1929, from Dallas, TX, to Jackson, MS, with stops in Shreveport and Monroe, LA, along the way.
This quote is from the website of the Delta Heritage Museum in Atlanta, GA:

"J. D. 'Johnny' Howe, a tall, lanky Arkansas airman with six years flying experience. He previously worked as an agent for the Travel Air Company. Considered an excellent stunt flier, Howe had been one of the first pilots in the nation to receive a commercial pilot's license." 

John C. Dailey
Fort Smith, AR

One important item missing from this entry is the aviation degree program at Henderson State University. Many men and women have gained experience in flying there, and a few have made history in the military service, flying Black Hawk helicopters in Vietnam, and in other theaters of war. This is the only four-year aviation degree in Arkansas.
Ralph E. Balch
Morrilton, AR