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My grandfather, George Hormann, lived in Wye (Pulaski County). He had several rows of Lavaca berries, planted in rows on wires supported by wood posts about every six to eight feet. I remember the berries as being larger than any berries I had ever seen, or have seen since. They were delicious!
Whenever I mention them to anyone, they act like I must have dreamt it. Well, I am happy to learn that this WASN'T a figment of my childhood fantasies. Grandpa George also grew HUGE watermelons, peanuts, and potatoes. We lived in Borger, TX, and my summertime vacations in Arkansas are some of my happiest memories.
Now that I know the berry really exists, I am going to find a source for plants. Then I am going to search for a friend here in New Mexico who has a little extra space in their garden. THANKS FOR THE INFO.!

Marcia (Derr) Graham
Farmington, NM