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Please note that a fire in 1965 destroyed all the attendance records. My dad graduated from the clown college but was never able to prove it because the building with the record book burned.
He used to insist that certain politicians had been in school with him but had flunked out; because the records were gone, he never could prove it.

Celia Storey
Little Rock, AR

My grandfather hated to close the clown college in Jonesboro, and he never returned to that town after spring of 1959. What many people do not realize is that a student prank led directly to the closing. On April 1, 1959, two students spread a rumor that the school would be closing that summer. By the end of the day, more than half the student body had withdrawn from the college and moved to other programs of study. The administration frantically tried to reverse the trend but failed.
S. Arthur Teske III
Venice, FL

I was aware of the clown college, but had no idea that it was so historical. I didn't know about the Mime Field; being from Jonesboro I probably walked right across that Mime Field without ever knowing it. It is too bad that the unfortunate fatalities did not occur later in the school's history when only the mimes were there. Thanks for the fascinating article, and I will be reminded of it whenever I carpool.

Mark Gerdes
Conway, AR