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My grandfather Floyd Kindall became the first black diesel mechanic at his company, Jones Truck Lines. At this job, he modified the weight scale for diesel trucks and their cargo so it would save everyone a lot of time. He received only $50 and a thank-you. For years, the company made millions and probably even billions.

Harvey Jones’s circa 1980s newsletter says this:

“Dallas Mechanic Floyd Kindall noticed that about 250-300 trailers are weighed weekly. The way it was being done seemed time consuming to Floyd. The trailer would be pulled on the scale, the person would have to get out of the truck to check and see if his trailer was overweight then get back in. … With Floyd’s system the scales are pre-set for 20,000 lbs. … Drivers stay in the cab, drive onto the scale and the lights come on if a trailer is too heavy. After analyzing the system local managers say it saves them as much as 30 hours a week.”

My grandfather wasn’t well educated at the time but had enough knowledge to modify a scale to save his company time and money. Shortly thereafter, Harvey Jones took his idea and patented it and then sold the company and retired, living a great life. Harvey Jones had no children and has given a lot back to Springdale, but my grandfather had a family to care for and received not much of anything. 

Kim Hunter
Dallas, TX