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John Watts (born 1756 died July 16, 1839, in Texas) was the
son of John Forked Tongue Watts (1704–1779) and Ghigoneli Bowles (born 1723); paternal grandson of Thomas Watts (born 1682) 1/2 white, 1/2 Indian, and Sister of Oshasqua Moytoy (born 1684)—both killed by Catawba in 1708; and maternal
grandson of John Knight Bowles (born 1688 in Scotland and murdered 1769) and Oolootah Sarah Hop (born 1692). John sought the rival Indian murderers of his grandfather John Bowles, killed them, and took the name John Bowles at age 13. When he moved up the White River after the 1811 earthquake, the Osage called him their word for bowl: Duwali. He had children with 1) Red Paint Woman 2) Ooloosta Tahchee 3) Jennie Due and 4) Ellen Otiyu Vann.

Freda Cruse Phillips
Mountain View, AR