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According to a 1935 book published by the US DOI, Arkansas probably sent at least three other pieces of ore to the St. Louis Expo of 1904.
On p. 162, it says that Panther Creek Mine sent a sample of 5,200 lbs. of jack, which is a type of zinc ore, generally called sphalerite, chemical formula ZnS.
On p. 264, it says the Washington Lead Co. sent a sample of pure galena (lead ore) weighing 1800 lbs.
On p. 282, it says Marble Falls Mine sent a sample of jack weighing about a ton.
All of these mines are in Marion County.
The book also mentions the 14,000 lbs. of turkey fat (Smithsonite zinc ore) sent by the Morning Star Mine to the Chicago World's Fair in 1893.
From Zinc and lead deposits of northern Arkansas Bulletin 853
By: Edwin Thor McKnight

Billy Newsom
---, AR