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I noted with interest the misspelling of my grandfather's name in the article on Subiaco. He was listed as being named Elken. [Editor's note: The spelling has been corrected in the article to Elsken.] The actual spelling was Elsken, and he was the responsible for the actual starting of the town of Subiaco at the request of Abbot Conrad from the Abbey in 1908-09. He brought his family from Paris where he was engaged in many businesses and built his family a home that still stands on the lot chosen by his wife. He built the first post office and general store as well as a livery stable to get the town started. The original spelling of his name was Ilsken but pronounced with an e sound and was so entered in the immigration records as Elsken. The family remained lost to their German relatives for 147 years. They searched for some Ilskens for many years for any word of this family. In 2006, one of Conrad Elsken's granddaughters was online and came across someone from Germany looking for any "Ilskens." She contacted them and as a result there was a four-column above-the-line story in a newspaper about Ilskens being found after 147 years.
Joseph C. Beck
Little Rock, AR