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My grandfather, Delos Dodd and wife Winnie Dodd, of Marion and Baxter Counties were appointed managers of the Buffalo State/National Park by Gov. Faubus. This was, I believe, during the 1970s during the debate about whether the Buffalo was to become a National River. I think Delos was "let go" in 1970, but I do not know why.
Our family was large, my mother being one of 10, and we enjoyed staying at the park (just outside Yellville). We played on the Buffalo and ate at the park cafe, where my grandmother ran the kitchen. Wonderful food.
Gov. Faubus would slip away from the capitol and eat and talk with them for a weekend (it was like his Camp David).
I know all about the transition of the River--lived through it, fought for it to be a National River. By the way, I am against the pig farm on or near the river!

Charlotte Moore
Fayetteville, AR

The hog farm and other non-point sources of pollution in the Buffalo River watershed are threats to the river. This letter from the National Park Service to the director of the Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality describes how the ADEQ is selling our precious national park down the river: 
Readers of this encyclopedia entry should become fully informed of the threats to this great national resource, and the 800,000 visitors who make use of this park each year should be called upon to help protect it.

Doug Stowe
Eureka Springs, AR