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(November 2015) I opened a can of Allen's lima beans and found about 2 tablespoons of limas in 3/4 can of water. Needless to say, I discarded the contents. I am hesitant to buy Allen's again, since this has never happened to me before.
Barry Chester
Birdseye, IN

(July 2015) I bought a can of Freshlike Selects sweet peas and tiny onions. I was going to have it for dinner tonight and when I opened the can and poured it into the pan, I had only two tiny onions in the can. I'm very disappointed and will not ever buy a can again. What a rip-off!
Annie Smith
Divernon, IL

(April 2015) I bought a can of sweet potatoes for Easter dinner. This is the only brand I ever buy or have bought in 42 years. I was totally shocked when I opened it. We ended up having mac and cheese with our ham. It ruined our dinner.
Cathy Yost
Kingman, AZ