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I am 72, retired, and live in Montana. But I was born and raised in Texarkana and am interested in the local history of the area where I was born and my family comes from. My great-great-grandfather, Charles McNab (1811-1883), emigrated from Scotland in 1836 and settled in Summergrove, DeSoto parish, Louisiana, in 1844. He bought land along Red River in Hempstead and Miller counties before the Civil War and had about a thousand acres there by 1880. He died in 1883 on the family place at what came to be called McNab. 
My father and grandfather were born McNab, Arkansas, my grandad in 1884 and my dad in 1915. Gideon Crews--mentioned in this article--was my great-great-grandfather. His daughter, Mattie Elizabeth (my great-grandmother), married Charles F. McNab (1858-1916)--also mentioned in the article--on whose land the old McNab railroad depot was built. She also served as postmistress for a while. 

Charles Bruce McNab
Bozeman, MT