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In regards to the naming of Hamburg:
Reference: "Original Poststempel aus allen Hamburgs Amerikas auf speziellen Schmuck-Postkarten frankiert mit US-Sondermarken zum 200 jahrigen Bestehen der USA"  -  "American Revolution Bicentennial 1776-1976" in Hamburg liegt in America.
Translation for Hamburg, Arkansas:
"In Arkansas at the first time on our round trip through the Hamburgs of America we found another explanation about the name of the town. There were no German immigrants who gave the name to this town. In this Hamburg which is located in Southeast of Arkansas and has 3,102 inhabitants (which one can read at the road sign) one is told, the name comes from 'Ham' (Schinken) and 'Burg' (synonym for village). The area is well known (famous) for her roe ham."
I find it interesting that of fourteen Hamburgs in America, all have connections to Germany, except Hamburg in Ashley County. I have a copy of Hamburg liegt in America.

Mary F. Allen
Hamburg , AR