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Many people have written that the town of Hatfield was named for a man named Hatfield who was killed in an explosion while the railroad was being built through the area. This is totally false, and has been proven so. The problem is, history has been written down by people who did not do research but picked up the information from others who did not know. Once the story is out there, it is continually picked up and passed around and written as "history" when in fact there is no basis for it at all. This is the case of how Hatfield was named.  
Seven people were killed in that explosion, called the Kennedy cut--named for the supervisor named Kennedy--and the story is well documented in the Mena Star. No one named Hatfield is even listed. All were buried locally except Kennedy who was sent back to his home in Fort Smith, Texas, for burial.  

Shirley Manning
Mena, AR