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They are almost done with the western half of 412 in Siloam. They are widening it to a six-lane highway with no center lane--just turning lanes at stop lights.
This was a great story of Siloam. I enjoyed it a lot, and now I understand a lot of the reasons things are the way they are now.

Christian Capehart
Siloam Springs, AR

My time at Gypsy Camp was the best time of my life, in so many ways. It is close to my heart, and always will be! My beautiful mother, Beverly Dean Dunton, also attended Gypsy Camp, and it created some of her fondest memories of her entire lifetime. On her deathbed, she was reminiscing of her days at her lovely Gypsy Camp. This camp meant so much to so many generations of us girls. Let's not forget that it made up the women we are today.

Gloria Hunsaker
Henderson, NV