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Our town is up to six traffic lights! There is one at JCT 21 South, one in front of the liquor stores, two through downtown, one at Exxon, and one at Walmart.
Caitlyn Smith
Berryville, AR

When asked where I live—even by many living in Berryville—and I tell them Pension Mountain, they have no idea where it is and are almost always curious as to how it got its name.

Generally, when I tell them the story I once read in one of the local throw-away papers, they find it very interesting. I understand it might be one of at least three stories, but the one I refer to is about the Federal forces, who mapped this area after the Civil War. Thinking that the area we call Pension Mountain was the prettiest land they had seen, they agreed to settle there after they mustered out. They may have been the first to receive a pension from the government.

If there is a REAL story, I’m sure it would fit well in the history of Berryville, as would how the old-timers pronounced Berryville. I’m told they pronounced it, “Burr l vill.”

Warren H. Kinser Jr.
Berryville, AR