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I lived as a child at 221 E. 22nd St. in Little Rock, and our backyard contained part of a trench, probably no more than 30 feet or so, running on a north-south axis. But the best part was to the south of us in Mr. Langhoerst's backyard, contiguous to our own. He was a Spanish-American War veteran, and his huge house still stands (I think) facing Cumberland. Atop the highest part of his backyard was a very strange square earthen structure. Although he used this as a garden, you could still see (especially in winter) that something else had been there. I would suggest that this might have been the remnants of a small redoubt. I have not seen any of this since we moved to Texas in 1969, but who knows--perhaps it is still there. Also note that this location coincides with a crude map of Union fortifications published in the Gazette around 1966.
Paul Binz
San Juan, TX