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My mother and her family are from Parkin. My childhood vacations were spent in Parkin during the 1970s. Uncle Jiles ran the auto parts store downtown, and Grandfather Ruben Wright ran the gas station. I wonder if the pecan tree is still in the front yard. So many good memories of Parkin.
Susan Thompson
Ann Arbor, MI

A very important event occurred in Parkin, Arkansas, about 1951. The entire south side of Main Street burned down. The fire started in a Western Auto hardware store. The owner had left a kerosene heater in the center of the store and gone to lunch, locking the door behind him.
I had eaten lunch at a small hamburger place next to the hardware store and as I walked past the store, I saw that the heater had apparently leaked onto the wooden floor and set it afire. There was a ring of fire around it.

The fire department didn't want to break open the door so they sent someone to find the owner. This delay caused most of the stores on that side of the street to burn. If the fire department had come right away, the town could have been saved. Members of the volunteer fire department had also gone to lunch and by the time they were able to arrive at the hardware store, the store was fully engulfed. With only one small truck to fight the fire, there was no chance to save most of the stores on the south side of the street, including the movie theater, the bank, and several general stores.

Juniors and seniors from the school were asked to help battle the fire, but it was fruitless because of the wind. We did get atop buildings on the north side with brooms and buckets of water and put out the embers in order to save the north side.
Jerry Greene, the comic of Parkin School, wrote on the blackboard "Now playing at the Feet and Onions: SMOKE GETS IN YOUR EYES."

Jimmy C. Kimble
Enterprise, AL